Chilly Seattle Hosts Eventful and Informative NAHC Conference

by admin on December 5, 2013

The 53rd annual NAHC Conference was a smashing success this year! NAHC members from around the country met at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle from October 30th to November 2nd to hear educational presentations, present and witness prestigious awards, and to welcome new Officers and Board Members for the 2013-2014 year.

NAHC attendees were able to hear several presentations on various housing cooperative topics.

One of the major presentations at the conference was a talk on Multifamily FHA Financing, which was presented by Dan Sullivan. Sullivan discussed the basics of FHA financing and then went further by describing management issues that one should consider when financing.

The keynote speaker of the conference was Teresa Young, an Organizational Development Specialist, who spoke about “Leadership from the Bottom Up.” Young’s presentation looked at the nature of leadership and how out-of-the-box leadership practices can benefit the cooperative as a whole.

Two of our firm’s attorneys were lecturers at the conference. Attorneys April Knoch and Creighton Gallup co-taught two courses while out in Seattle. On Thursday, they assisted Ralph Marcus and Greg Carlson on a required course for those seeking Registered Certified Managers status. The presentation provided numerous tips for site managers to assure they fulfill their legal obligation to the cooperative and to avoid pitfalls that increase chances for liability.

Creighton and April had their own presentation on Friday titled “Corporate Governance: Legal and Legislative Issues.” The class was standing room only (literally), filled to brim with both Board Members and managers alike, who attended to hear Creighton and April’s thoughts on making effective Cooperative policy. The two attorneys discussed a variety of issues and hot topics that cooperatives encounter on a daily basis. Topics ranged from governance hierarchies, drafting and amending cooperative governing documents, embezzlement and fraud, effective interactions with their cooperative attorney, medical marijuana, and policies regarding aggressive breeds of pets, among others. The large number of attendees, coupled with the interactive presentation and anecdotes, made the event highly energetic and informative for those in attendance.

The awards ceremony was another major highlight of the conference. NAHC individuals and whole cooperatives were recognized and awarded for their service to and the advancement of the housing cooperative community.

Winners included: David L. Thompson for the Jerry Voorhis Memorial Award; Rosie White for the Cooperative Distinguished Service Award; Belleville Cooperative Apartments for the Cooperative Star Award; Alexandra Wilson, Agency for Co-Operative Housing of Canada, for the Development & Presentation Award; and Mary Alex Blanton and Anne Fedorchak, National Cooperative Band, for the President’s Award.

Attendees also welcomed the new 2013-2014 NAHC Officers and Board Members. They include Chairman Ralph Marcus, President Gregory Carlson, Executive Vice President Fred Gibbs, Secretary Anne Hill, and Treasurer Linda Brockway. The new Board Members were Donna Marie Curvin, Blaine Honeycutt, and Hugh Jeffers.

Our own Managing Shareholder Randall Pentiuk was appointed as a MAHC Representative and was reelected to the Executive Committee, a move that reflects his tireless work and commitment to the advancement of housing cooperatives everywhere.

NAHC is excited about its new leaders and anticipates another great year of advancing the knowledge, practices, and advancement of housing cooperatives.

Seattle was an excellent venue for the conference and hopefully one that can be revisited soon. The 53rd Annual Conference was an amazing experience, and NAHC would like to thank all those who made the success possible.

We now turn our attention to the MAHC Conference in May 2014 where we will visit New Orleans and enjoy another round of stimulating and cutting edge classes. Hope to see you there!

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