2013 NAHC Annual Conference

by admin on September 8, 2013

This year, the National Association of Housing Cooperatives (NAHC) will hold its annual conference in Seattle, Washington during the last week of October.    As a NAHC Board member, I can tell you that a lot of effort has been put into making this a great conference.

I have been asked to teach two classes.   One will be for “RCM” candidates.   This is NAHC’s special training for Cooperative Managers, leading up to the issuance of the Registered Cooperative Manager designation.  The topic I have been asked to present is the liability of Managers, and will take place on Thursday, October 31.  I will focus my comments on ways that managers can avoid or limit their exposure to lawsuits.   Like last year, I will be joined by Greg Carlson and Ralph Marcus,  both of whom are top notch Management Professionals who serve on the RCM Board of Governors.   It promises to be a lively, entertaining and educational event.  Unfortunately, it is restricted to RCM candidates only.

The other class is on Cooperative governance and I will teach it on Friday, November 1 .   We will cover a wide range of relevant issues relating to how Boards can better govern their Cooperatives, and I will share my top twelve suggestions on ways to improve how your Cooperative works.   Our goal in this class is to have each participant walk away with at least one great idea that is worth the cost of the conference.    As always, it will be interactive, so attendees will have the chance to get their questions answered.

Boards need and deserve training opportunities such as this.  Directors will be better able to serve their Cooperatives when they are given the chance to educate themselves and network with others to learn what are the best practices of Housing Cooperatives throughout the country.   I look forward to seeing you there.

Randall A. Pentiuk,  Esq.

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