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101 Ways To Improve Your Cooperative


        The lifeblood of the Cooperative is its members. Selecting the right applicants without running afoul of the law is a significant challenge. It is commonly known that Richard Nixon was rejected when he applied for membership in a Manhattan cooperative, and he had no recourse. But if he had been part of a protected class, the result might have been different. This is a high risk area that needs to be fully understood and properly administered.

69. As with employees, the best advice is to shift the burden to the Management Agent, who is trained in dealing with the various laws involved, including the Fair Housing statutes and the emerging laws protecting the disabled.

70. Regardless of who administers the application process, care must be given to ensure that there is no discrimination treatment of applicants. Our society and the law are developing protections for people within a variety of classes such as:






Sexual Preference

Marital Status

Familial Status

71. Measures are necessary to ensure that not only is the application review and candidate interview process is in compliance, but also every step of the way, including advertising available units, showing them (or steering them), and each and every encounter along the way. Training is essential. MAHC and NAHC offer classes, and the Cooperative Attorney may have the expertise to help develop written checklists, scripts and procedures to minimize the risk.

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